Founded in 2011, Kidbrooke is a tech company providing APIs for building next-generation wealth management services. We bring together expertise in financial modelling, data science and software development to help create solutions that deliver the best outcomes for financial institutions and their customers alike. We believe the future is a world where everyone can make informed financial decisions.

Our Solutions address key challenges within the modern financial industry

Quality and Transparency of Financial Decisions

We use technology to enable you to provide personalised, high-quality and transparent financial decision support to your customers. Our APIs enable banks and insurers to meet the customer in their channel of choice, increase the number of recurring touchpoints and considerably improve engagement levels.

Automate to Achieve Cost Efficiency

Intelligent automation allows you to reduce production costs for financial decisions and decision-support by up to five times. The OutRank API equips you with tools to automate a significant share of the work required to help your customers make educated financial decisions. This allows the human staff to concentrate on building and nurturing customer relationships.

Unlock Underserved Customer Segments

Reducing production costs allow you to tap into previously underserved market segments, and to increase the availability of high-quality financial decision-tools to a larger share of the population.