Kidbrooke Advisory, established in 2011 in London, was named after a street in the area around the small village of Blackheath, Kidbrooke Grove.

The Partners at Kidbrooke Advisory have extensive experience working in the financial industry in Stockholm and London, and have worked with quantitative modeling and risk management within insurance companies and investment banks throughout their careers.

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Kidbrooke Advisory is the first boutique consulting firm specialising in bespoke risk process improvements, and we think there are a number of advantages to being small:

  • Larger staff does not equate to more efficiency; hundreds or even thousands of strategists do not deliver better solutions than a small team, they just tend to reach more people with their ideas.
  • Entrepreneurial thinking is found in small companies. Large consulting firms resemble any other large corporation. If you are looking for out-of-the-box, nimble, disruptive thinking, you are less likely to find it dwelling amidst the cogs of bureaucracy.

Despite our size we have a substantial international network of specialists allowing us to assemble project-specific teams with unsurpassed experience and expertise. Kidbrooke Advisory equals business objectives delivered.

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