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Skandia Case Study: Pioneering Seamless Digital Wealth

The financial guidance and advice services, which constitute the life insurer’s core business, were among the first to go through the transformation. Joakim Pettersson, the digital strategy and innovation lead at Skandia, believes that digitalisation is “the only way to scale financial advisory services”.

Evida Case Study: How to build an innovative financial advisor in under seven months?

Evida began its path as a family office managing a wide range of assets for wealthy families. Initially, the Swedish financial advisor outsourced the management of equity and fixed income positions to other parties. However, the combination of their interest for factor-based investments and dissatisfaction with wealth management services provided by the largest banks in Sweden, Switzerland and Luxembourg convinced Evida to build their own digital advisory service.

Part I - Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks

In this article series, we present a machine learning-based approach to solving a common problem in financial modelling where one is faced with the task of estimating the value of a function which requires a significant amount of computation to evaluate. More specifically, a function that corresponds to a so-called nested simulation aimed at, for example, estimating a capital requirement for a financial institution or the risk associated with a structured product for a retail investor.

Part III - Portfolio Construction - The Real World Analysis

In the third and the final part of our “Portfolio Construction” article series, the findings of the previous sections are applied to a broader and more realistic set of assets to evaluate the performance of the proposed methods against more conventional techniques.

Part II - Portfolio Construction - Sampling & Optimisation

The second part of the “Portfolio Construction”-series explores whether introducing parameter uncertainty to the model would improve the out-of-sample performance of the optimal portfolio. Additionally, the article proposes and tests two adjustments to regular utility optimisation.

Part I - Portfolio Construction - Parameter & Model Uncertainty

There is a number of challenges associated with portfolio construction based on historical data. This three-part article series explores some of the most common issues attributed to the model-based portfolio optimization: the sensitivity to changes in data, large variations in portfolio weights and the bad out-of-sample performance.

Blog Articles

How to build engaging and scalable digital investment management journeys?

How can banks and insurers support people, with no training in portfolio theory, to develop confidence in managing their investments? How can they make these journeys scalable? With the right tools, it’s not only possible, but also empowering. 

Seamless Finance: "Do you know where you're going to?"

Planning for a long-term goal, such as retiring in a sunny climate, can be combined with deliberate steps you are taking for practical projects like buying a house, starting a business or saving for your child’s education. Visualising how your savings and investment choices will succeed in different economic scenarios can help guide decision-making. Understanding the tax treatment of different asset classes and pension schemes is important.  Insurance options to protect against business interruption and income loss can be evaluated. There are tools available, but most are limited to one area of financial life, such as your pension, your mortgage or your insurance coverage, and few have the ability to see the big picture as well as identify individual risk preferences. 

Kidbrooke Shortlisted for This Year's Pitch 360 Competition

We are thrilled to be shortlisted for this year’s Pitch360 competition by Innovate Finance in the WealthTech category! And at this point, your vote can make all the difference in us making it to the finals! Please vote for us here, and feel free to watch our short pre-recorded pitch - it will take less than a minute of your time!

WealthTech Trends for the First Quarter 2021

Every quarter, we summarize the most important trends in WealthTech in a video summary. However, we know that some of you might prefer to have it in a text format! Therefore, we share its transcript for your convenience as well. In the first quarter of 2021, we identified the three most prominent trends in our emerging field. First of all, the pandemic served as a catalyst for advisory services and the accompanying experience becoming the wealth management industry’s core value proposition. Secondly, as advisory relations and inheritance transition from the older generation to the younger, the industry must be ready for the tectonic shifts concerning customer demands. Third, we see a rise in demand for hybrid solutions, where wealth managers leverage financial analytics to optimise the quality, administrative side and timeliness of the asset allocations.