An agile approach in an uncertain world

The core element of our process is our approach to leadership. We fundamentally believe in bringing a deep level of skill, knowledge and experience into our assignments. We also have the courage to confront issues early on and never let personal ego get in the way. We bring inspiration while maintaining a sharp focus on the shared purpose, and we always celebrate the continued success by an emphasis on the team effort.

Creating a feasible roadmap

Our combined expertise financial markets, technology and mathematics gives us a crucial advantage when compiling and analysing the challenges our clients face. Being able to properly understand the often intricate inter-dependencies between business requirements, new and existing system components, and computational methods is what really sets us apart.

Agile Development & Deployment

Depending on the needs of our client we put together the most appropriate team for each engagement. This usually means that we supply a relevant mix of competencies as well as seniority to complement the client’s own staff. We continuously adapt the work process to keep progress at an optimal level.

Our combined expertise enables early detection of any upcoming and potentially obstructing challenges. This means that our participation greatly reduce project risk in terms of achieving desired results on time and budget. We also put a lot of effort into making sure the client’s staff is deeply involved in all aspects of the work to ensure a successful handover at the end of the assignment.

In order to facilitate a shorter time-to-market, we provide a selection of key components on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis.  

Model Ownership

When your project is finished and you have implemented the new economic scenario generator (ESG), improved your ALM-analysis or fine-tuned your capital requirements calculations, the realities of everyday model maintenance may take a significant toll on your risk management staff.

Our managed services span monitoring, control, calibration and validation of models underpinning the very core of our clients' offering. We provide a solution to your model maintenance challenges complete with a strong emphasis on governance, reducing the total cost of model ownership as well as providing best-in-class performance and flexibility.

You either free up your staff for more important and productive work, or in case of a smaller organisation without a dedicated quant team, you are relieved of the burden of recruiting, training and retaining highly specialised staff, in an area in which a substantial risk of key person dependence develops over time.

How’s your strategy shaping up?

For the first time in history, the financial industry is exposed to many of the same challenges that face almost every other industry. A downward pressure on revenues driven by greater cost awareness among customers, increased costs due to regulation, and difficulties finding and retaining top talent calls for revised strategies with a focus on cost reduction potentials through smart automation.