OutRank Platform

OutRank Platform is a plug-and-play toolbox of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) components designed to aid banks and insurers, as well as the financial functions within other industries, to strengthen their operations by automating labour-intensive analytical processes, including:

  • Generation of economic scenarios consistent with house views,
  • Individual risk profiling,
  • Future cash flow projection, 
  • Goal-based financial decision-making,
  • Machine-learning based customer success analysis, and Utility-based financial value-add analysis.

Our Expertise

Our roots as both investment/risk and technology consultants have enabled us to recognise the value of applying modern risk management methods in driving transformative change to business models within finance. We believe that improving the core mechanisms which support the financial value propositions enhances the quality and accessibility of financial services, which in turn contributes to a more prosperous and financially healthy society.

Implementation and Maintenance

The OutRank Platform components can be easily integrated into our customers’ systems via our API. Alternatively, customers may access the generated reports and supporting analytics through Kidbrooke’s Report Viewer. We monitor and support our solution around the clock ensuring that our solutions always meet the highest standards of quality, efficiency and reliability.

Our Experience

Since its inception in 2011, Kidbrooke has provided quantitative advisory services to a number of large financial industry players, both in Sweden and the UK. We’ve been trusted to design and build various risk management solutions, from internal models under Solvency II to the elements of automated financial advice. Currently, the OutRank components are driving the integrity and quality of robo advice solutions within two of the largest insurance companies in Sweden.