Balance Sheet Simulator

Kidbrooke’s OutRank Balance Sheet Simulator is a critical element of the platform responsible for the construction of future cash flow trajectories. Our distinctive methodology powers reliable tools for estimation of future outcomes for a wide range of purposes within financial decision-making.

Key Features

Kidbrooke’s Balance Sheet Simulator is a high performing tool driving financial analytics for your solution at an attractive price point.

  • Advanced financial modelling capabilities supporting simulation of the entire consumer balance sheet;
  • Comprehensive tax regime support;
  • Gross to the net, net to gross functionality;
  • Flexibility to incorporate purpose specific features when constructing cash flows for pensions, mortgages or short-to-medium term investments;
  • The Cash Flow Engine can be seamlessly integrated with our Economic Scenario Generator, forming a solid base for a wide variety of SaaS analytical products. 

Implementation That Suits Your Infrastructure 

Depending on our customer’s infrastructure and data storage preferences, the cash flow engine could be accessed through a flexible API or through building a process engine or implementing our solution on our customers’ premises.


We monitor and support our product around the clock ensuring that the analytics powering your financial services meet the highest standards of quality, efficiency and reliability.