Founded in 2011, Kidbrooke is a tech company providing applications empowering decision-making processes in the financial services industry and beyond. We bring together expertise in financial modelling, data science and software development to help create solutions that deliver the best outcomes for institutions and their customers alike. We believe the future is a world where everyone can make informed financial decisions.

Our Solutions address key challenges within the modern financial industry

Personalisation, Quality and Transparency by the means of Intelligent Design and Domain Expertise

We use the latest technological advancements to provide personalised, high-quality and transparent financial services, enabling the financial institution to meet the customer in their channel of choice and increase the number of recurring touch points.

Automation Driving Cost Efficiency

Intelligent automation allows our customers to reduce production costs by approximately 5 times. The OutRank Platform equips staff with tools, enabling them to automate a significant share of compliance and administrative processes as well as deriving financial advice. This allows the human staff to concentrate on interacting with their customers.

Unlocking Underserved Customer Segments

Reduction of production costs allows the wealth managers and execution-only platforms to tap into previously underserved market segments.

Automated Financial Planning

Kidbrooke’s OutRank Financial Planning is a Software as a Service solution powering investment decision-making based on the simulations of the personal balance sheets of end customers. The supported customer journeys include short to medium-term investments, pension advice and mortgage advice.

Model Validation Toolkit

Kidbrooke’s OutRank Scenario Validation Toolkit is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that enables financial institutions as well as other industries to conduct in-depth independent reviews of their scenario engines. Our extensive background in the risk and technology domain provides us the expertise to build an affordable world class solution with leading performance scalability.