Automated Financial Planning

Kidbrooke’s OutRank Financial Planning is a Software as a Service solution powering investment decision-making based on the simulations of the personal balance sheets of end customers. The supported customer journeys include short to medium-term investments, pension advice and mortgage advice.

Our financial planning service addresses multiple issues attributed to business models within the financial sector:

First and foremostly, it improves the cost efficiency of investment decision-making by automating expensive labour-intensive assessment processes and projecting wealth overtime.

Secondly, using digital channels creates a favourable environment for improving communication between the financial firm and customer, which in turn leads to more opportunities to engage with them.

Third, a dramatic reduction of investment decision-making costs leads to an ability to tap into the demand of the wider population.

Case studies

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In the first part of the ”Asset and Liability Management using LSMC” article series, we outline an ALM framework based on a replicating portfolio approach along with a suitable financial objective. This ALM framework, albeit simplified, is constructed to provide a straightforward replication of the complex interactions between assets and liabilities. Moreover, a brief introduction to the LSMC method used to generate all underlying risk factors is presented.

In continuation of our discussion of cyber risk, this paper investigates the issues of cyber risk management within financial industry. In particular, we look into the process of determining the optimal size of the investments in cyber security as well as the quantification of the appropriate cyber insurance premiums.

In this article we investigate the performance of the LSMC approach on a stylised financial product.

Use Cases

Wealth Management – We are proud to power automated financial advice offerings within some of the largest banks and insurers in the Swedish market.

Financial Function Optimisation – We provide OutRank capabilities which improve pension calculation and selection processes for large organisations.


OutRank Economic Scenario Generator - Generation of realistic scenarios consistent with internal outlooks enable you to capture financial risk more accurately;

Utility-Based Approach - Utility-based advice logic with a focus on recommending solutions that maximise customer value, ensures that any advice given would be in the best interest of the consumer;

Granular Approach to Financial Modelling – Our approach to financial modelling is granular enough to enable accurate mapping of investment and credit products, taxes and fees and automatic generation of the detailed documentation.

Deployment Flexibility 

The OutRank Financial Planning solution can be integrated into our customers’ systems via multiple channels, depending on the existing internal IT infrastructure. The options include accessing our calculations through an API, building a processing engine or implementing our solution on our customers’ premises.

Incorporation of House Views

Kidbrooke provides an opportunity to calibrate risk factors to customer-specific data, and an ability to adjust the standard calibration of the functional components within the offering, to align it with your respective house views.

Maintenance and validation

We monitor and support our solution around the clock ensuring that the analytics powering your financial planning offering meet the highest standards of quality, efficiency and reliability. Moreover, our solution comes with a detailed and dynamic validation report, allowing you to quickly get a firm grasp on the quality and reliability of the scenarios empowering your offerings.

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