Credit and Mortgage Analytics

Kidbrooke's OutRank provides easy-to-use, high-quality analytics guiding your customers through the complexities of taking out mortgages and other loans. Our collection of APIs helps banks, insurers and FinTechs to build reliable digital journeys enabling individual consumers to evaluate credit decisions in a uniquely holistic context. A 360-degree view powered by OutRank encourages your customers to make more informed financial choices, backed by our research-based technology.

Buying a home is one of the most significant financial decisions we make in our lives. However, we are often not equipped with sufficient context in order to approach mortgage decision-making. OutRank API equips mortgage providers with superior analytics that can power consistent, high-quality and fast customer journeys, turning a stressful process with many unknowns into a simple, cost-efficient and engaging experience.

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In this article series, we present a machine learning-based approach to solving a common p

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Our financial lives are becoming increasingly complex and it is becoming more challenging for consumers to navigate through the intricacies of their credit exposure. Kidbrooke's Credit and Mortgage Analytics delivers a range of insights: 

  • Simulation of the impact of a new loan on a customers' overall financial health;
  • Unique tools which provide genuine affordability analysis;
  • Tools to optimise decision-making;
  • Supports equity-release analysis. 

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