Short-to-Medium Term Savings

Kidbrooke's Short-to-Medium term savings API powers digital investment journeys within financial institutions. Our simulation-based approach powers innovative and insightful investment experiences, helping wealth businesses to better guide their customers towards their financial goals.

Whether you need to build a fully digital investment advice service, a savings guidance journey, or to support your physical advisors with consistent, compliant and research-based analytics, our APIs provide the means to do so. OutRank enables financial institutions to produce cost-efficient and scalable investment experiences that equip your customers with seamless financial decision-making tools, guiding them towards their savings goals.

Case studies

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In this article series, we present a machine learning-based approach to solving a common p

In the third and the final part of our “Portfolio Construction” article series, the findin

The second part of the “Portfolio Construction”-series explores whether introducing parame

Kidbrooke introduces a probability dimension to wealth journeys, powering a wide range of actionable elements of customer experiences. Depending on your strategic priorities and compliance requirements, our APIs deliver a bespoke selection of the following features:

  • Risk profiling and asset allocation framework, compliant with MIFID II;
  • Scenario-based what-if analysis;
  • Proactive nudges, delivering actionable analytics;
  • Introducing probability to goal evaluation;
  • Provides all quantitative aspects of customer documentation.

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