What We Do

Kidbrooke Advisory brings together solid expertise within the fields of mathematical modeling, risk analysis, and computational science, with practical experience managing financial risk and a deep understanding of how to design and build large scale software applications.

Our consultants have a strong quantitative and technical skill set backed by an extensive track record, working with all elements of the risk process.

The Risk Process

When you engage in the management of financial risks, you will invariably perform work that can be described in terms of what we call the Risk Process. At the highest level the risk process can be divided into the following five areas:

Data Management

Data is collected, normalised and checked for completeness and errors.


Calculations such as scenario generation and evaluation of payoffs and risk measures are performed.


Results are checked for errors, evaluated against benchmarks and found reasonable.


Results are aggregated, sliced and put together to meet internal and external demands on level of detail and presentation.


Uncertainty is now better understood and risk can be mitigated or managed.

Our Services

Here you can find more information regarding the various services we offer within the areas of Risk Advisory and Risk Process Change.

Risk Advisory

  • Risk and Risk Profile Analysis
  • Stress Scenarios
  • Model Calibration
  • Model Validation and Methodology Review
  • Regulatory Advice
  • Technical Procurement Support

Risk Process Change

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