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01The Dark Side of Digitalisation: Addressing Cyber Risks

The minimal criterion of success is an absence of failure. However, when it comes to information security breaches, it is safe to claim that this criterion is far from being met. A few prominent scandals in recent years demonstrate the scope and impact of such risks on the financial industry, influencing the EIOPA to include a cyber security questionnaire in its Cyber Risk Assessment Package. Gauging cyber risk is a challenging endeavour, marked by the sensitive character of the underlying data and a lack of established academic research within the field. However, Kidbrooke Advisory has formulated its take on the cyber risk assessment.

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02Do No Harm: The European Commission Action Plan Urges Financial Advisors to Go Green

Corporate sustainability and responsibility has historically been regarded as a controversial topic both among the academic world and practicing professionals. As early as in 1970, the free market advocate Milton Friedman put forward a view that any sustainability-related actions are likely to destroy shareholder value. Nowadays, the reality of rapid depletion of resources as well as accelerating global warming drives the regulators to promote an opposite view of the sustainability impact on enterprise value.

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In continuation of our discussion of cyber risk, this article reviews different methods and models, which can be used to analyse and quantify the risks of information security breaches faced by the contemporary financial industry.

Part I: Cyber Risk, An Interplay of Drivers Affecting the Banking and Insurance Industry

This article addresses the topic of cyber risk and different aspects of the mitigation of its adverse effects on financial institutions.

Introduction to Credit Index Modelling

This article will discuss why it is important to model credit indices and detail a number of different approaches to this problem.

Overcoming the Insufficiency of Historical Data; The Rolling Window Method

In this article, we evaluate the rolling window procedure to alleviate the problem of inadequate data by increasing the number of observations extracted from a limited set of data.

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