APIs for Wealth

Quickly build innovative, reliable and secure wealth experiences by accessing our  APIs for Wealth, already powering wealth services in a number of financial institutions.

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Seamless Financial Decision-Making

Holistic Financial Planning

Kidbrooke's OutRank is a collection of APIs powering seamless financial decision-making based on the simulations of the personal balance sheets of your customers. The holistic customer journey supports a 360-degree view, enabling them to make educated choices in managing their short-term savings, retirement planning and mortgages. 

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Pension Planning

Kidbrooke’s OutRank includes is an API which enables pensions providers to build the next generation of pension journeys for Accumulators as well as Decumulators. OutRank helps your customers to navigate through the intricacies of retirement planning by delivering seamless financial decision-making tools. Our APIs are designed by experienced domain experts, ensuring that the underlying models will help you really add values to your customers.

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Credit and Mortgage Analytics

Kidbrooke's OutRank provides easy-to-use, high-quality analytics guiding your customers through the complexities of taking out mortgages and other loans. Our collection of APIs helps banks, insurers and FinTechs to build reliable digital journeys enabling individual consumers to evaluate credit decisions in a uniquely holistic context. A 360-degree view powered by OutRank encourages your customers to make more informed financial choices, backed by our research-based technology.

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Short-to-Medium Term Savings

Kidbrooke's Short-to-Medium term savings API powers digital investment journeys within financial institutions. Our simulation-based approach powers innovative and insightful investment experiences, helping wealth businesses to better guide their customers towards their financial goals.

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For Financial Institutions
of All Shapes and Sizes

Our APIs power digital wealth offerings across a wide variety of financial institutions; from established incumbents to aspiring FinTechs. Contact us to learn how our technology can accelerate your journey of providing digital offerings to your customers.

Why Kidbrooke?


OutRank is a cloud-based API, which delivers superior performance, compatibility with modern infrastructure and secure data processing.


Our pricing model is designed to suit financial institutions of all shapes and sizes – from aspiring FinTechs to incumbents. Our Development Tier allows you to test the product prior to purchase to confirm that OutRank meets your standards for quality and performance.


We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing a very flexible (full balance sheet), granular (transaction-level) and fast financial calculation engine which enables you to create your own high performing solutions.


OutRank has been developed to support MiFID II requirements. Its underlying utility-based approach eliminates conflicts of interest, and the rich outputs of OutRank make it easy to fully automate many aspects of providing financial guidance or advice.

Explore Our Latest Insights

01Navigating the Modern Financial News Feed

Regardless of your level of professionalism as an investor, having access to relevant news with different perspectives on your assets is valuable. However, although useful for some, the high volume of the accessible news can be exhausting for non-professional investors. That is why we decided to discuss the way of delivering news in a concise and intuitive manner. Rather than having a large set of news titles summarizing your portfolio, it can be neatly compressed by using natural language processing. To explain, NLP is used to model human language and transform spoken words into written text, translate languages, answer questions and even generate synthetic text pieces. Using technological progress as a tool to increase the value for the client isn’t necessary insignificant as it indeed serves a purpose of delivering information in a way which engages the end user.

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02How to Build the Future of Wealth

Social distancing has pressured wealth managers and credit providers to accelerate the digitalisation of their workflows. Our blog post focuses on how they could choose to do that. First, by developing the IT infrastructure on their own, companies aren’t choosing the “be all and end all” approach, as the strategic direction remains in the hands of the firm. Second, as nascent firms drive innovation, it can be difficult for in-house teams to build competitive technology consistently. That is why outsourcing is another potential option. Third, while both building in-house and full outsourcing have their perks, another strategy displays linking the two together and introducing APIs as a solution – an approach favoured by many incumbent financial organisations. Such a process is allowing the infrastructure provider to build world-class tech while letting the business serve its clients with optimal solutions.

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