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Quickly build innovative, reliable and secure wealth experiences by accessing our financial simulation engine through versatile APIs, already powering wealth services in a number of financial institutions.

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Seamless Financial Decision-Making

Holistic Financial Planning

OutRank powers seamless financial decision-making based on the simulations of the personal balance sheets of your customers. The holistic customer journey enables your financial advisors or customers to consider all aspects of personal finances developing over a lifetime while making a financial decision.

Pension Planning

OutRank API enables pensions providers to build the next-generation pension journeys both for accumulators and decumulators. Depending on your business model, it empowers your advisors or customers to navigate through the intricacies of retirement planning by delivering seamless financial decision-making tools. Our APIs are designed by experienced domain experts, ensuring the quality of the underlying models.

Credit and Mortgage Analytics

Kidbrooke's OutRank provides easy-to-use, high-quality analytics guiding your customers through the complexities of taking out mortgages and other loans. Our collection of APIs helps banks, insurers, and FinTechs evaluate credit decisions independently or in a uniquely holistic context. A 360-degree view powered by OutRank encourages your customers to make more informed financial choices, backed by our research-based technology.

Short-to-Medium Term Savings

OutRank API  powers digital investment journeys within financial institutions. Our simulation-based approach helps you build relevant, actionable and seamless investment experiences, helping wealth management businesses to reach their customers more frequently and guide them towards their investment goals at a lower cost.

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Quickly build innovative, reliable and secure wealth experiences by accessing our APIs for Wealth, already powering wealth services in a number of financial institutions.


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Why Kidbrooke?


OutRank is a cloud-based API, which delivers superior performance, compatibility with modern infrastructure and secure data processing


Our pricing model is designed to suit financial institutions of all shapes and sizes – from aspiring FinTechs to incumbents. Our Development Tier allows you to test the product prior to purchase to confirm that OutRank meets your standards for quality and performance.


We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing a very flexible (full balance sheet), granular (transaction-level) and fast financial calculation engine which enables you to create your own high performing solutions.


OutRank has been developed to support MiFID II requirements. Its underlying utility-based approach eliminates conflicts of interest, and the rich outputs of OutRank make it easy to fully automate many aspects of providing financial guidance or advice.

Wealth Innovation by Industry Experts

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WealthTech Trends for the First Quarter 2021

Every quarter, we summarize the most important trends in WealthTech in a video summary. However, we know that some of you might prefer to have it in a text format! Therefore, we share its transcript for your convenience as well. In the first quarter of 2021, we identified the three most prominent trends in our emerging field. First of all, the pandemic served as a catalyst for advisory services and the accompanying experience becoming the wealth management industry’s core value proposition. Secondly, as advisory relations and inheritance transition from the older generation to the younger, the industry must be ready for the tectonic shifts concerning customer demands. Third, we see a rise in demand for hybrid solutions, where wealth managers leverage financial analytics to optimise the quality, administrative side and timeliness of the asset allocations.

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Silver linings and green shoots: a client lifecycle approach to financial planning

Now that the world is emerging from the Covid 19 pandemic, people will be making decisions on their lifestyle choices, careers, housing, education and eventual retirement. A year of working from home, for those who are not key workers, has led some individuals to contemplate a new kind of life, with better work-life balance, among other objectives. Pundits have published articles about “the future of work” and related topics. Yet these decisions must be made in the context of holistic financial planning so that the rewards, risks and tradeoffs can be fully understood. The ability to see complex financial scenarios including the “known unknowns” is usually the subject of actuaries and portfolio managers; ordinary people and the financial professionals who advise them need tools to understand their finances quickly and simply.

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Quickly build innovative, reliable and secure wealth experiences by accessing our APIs for Wealth, already powering wealth services in a number of financial institutions.